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The Good:

Raking can be a great form of exercise. A newly raked lawn looks very neat and tidy. Gathered leaves can be used in compost piles or put in flower or garden beds.

The Bad:

Disposal can be difficult and even if you have curbside collection one strong gust of wind can re-start the process. Raking can also be time consuming which lets face it, time spent doing things we truly love would be more beneficial.

Mulching versus Raking


Let us take care of all your needs. We can give you professional advice on whether we can mulch your yard or we can remove all leaves and have your yard looking professionally manicured!!

The Good:

Quicker and more efficient way to remove leaves than raking and no worries of properly disposing of them. Mulched leaves left on the ground can provide water and nitrogen which can be a natural fertilizer.

The Bad:

If you have a lot of trees then you have a lot of leaves which can create a layer - even mulched that can block sunlight and create fungus, mold and disease.