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Fall Lawn care Tips


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If this sounds like a lot of work and you would rather spend your fall with hot chocolate and s'mores around a campfire...then give us a call and we will take care of all your lawn needs. We can get you started or we can handle everything for you throughout the year!

The calendar says fall is here, even if the temperatures are not reflecting it.

Is your yard ready?

Are you ready?

Fall is the perfect time to get your yard ready for the dormant period during winter. Preparing your yard now, will ensure a lush green lawn emerges for Spring.

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So Many Leaves!

The leaves can create a barrier preventing water and sunlight from reaching your lawn. Removing this barrier for the winter can prevent diseases that could cause the lawn to die during the winter.

​What to do with all the leaves?
You can use leaves as mulch. Make sure you chop or shred the leaves first. Adding a slow- release nitrogen fertilizer to the leaves will help the leaves decompose, helping feed the lawn during the winter months.

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Did the summer heat turn your lawn brown?

  • ​The Summer days can cause your soil to become a hard-dry barrier, preventing water and grass roots from penetrating the soil. 
  • Revive your lawn by aerating, fertilizing, over seeding, and resuming watering as the cool temperatures return for the fall months. 
  • Aerating your lawn will allow water back into the soil for easier absorption of the nutrients in the soil.
  • When fertilizing your lawn, you will want to wait to winterize until late October or early November. This is typically 2-3 weeks before the ground freezes.
  • Fertilizer should be applied to dry, freshly mowed grass. However, you will want to lightly water the grass after fertilizer application. This will allow the fertilizer to wash off the grass and into the soil.